Diff of file revisions

I know you can see previews of the current and previous revisions of a given file - but is there any way to see a “diff” between the two versions (or at least a page with any visual differences highlighted)? For example, if you have a long page and the only difference between two revisions was a typo change two thirds of the way down the page… it would be VERY difficult to find/see the difference just by displaying a preview version of both pages. If there were some way to show either JUST the change or at least to highlight somehow any changes that had been made between the two pages - that would be great. Particularly if you are an administrator who did not actually make the change yourself but still need to approve a revision before it gets published. It would be nice to have an easy way to see what is being changed.

Hi Matthew,

There currently is no functionality in the product to highlight changes between revisions. I do think many customers would find this type of feature very handy, so I’m going to go ahead and convert this topic into an “Idea” topic type, which will allow other customer to vote on the idea, and additionally it will bring the feature request to the attention of our product management team.

agree that being able to see the “difference between revisions” would be VERY helpful. This could alleviate a lot of searching between revision history.