Disabling publishing scheduled tasks under Admin tab

6.6/6.7 introduced the capability to schedule publishing editions from with the Content Explorer Admin tab. This is great! But it is lacking in one key aspect. There is no way to disable or enable these individually or as a group short of deleting the entries or removing/rewriting their “crontab” schedules.

This is a major shortcoming in a production system where publishing happens frequently. During a release, there can’t be any publishing going on for the MSM to work. Additionally, we like to review the MSM results and test before resuming the regular publishing jobs.

At a minimum, I would like a button or action allowing me to enable/disable these as a group in a single click. This would allow us to stop all scheduled publishing jobs.

Without the ability to turn off publishing, we’ve resorted to our old cron jobs. But these are less than ideal now as they don’t show running editions in the UI as before.

As an addition, it would be very helpful for the system to surface validation errors or incompatibilities in the scheduling notation (crontab entry) for the editions. Currently, it will allow you to enter anything and then just won’t work when the time comes if there is something wrong there.

Thanks for your consideration,

I second the request! Its really challenging to MSM stuff. Any way, we can get Old cron jobs back?