[Discussion] How can real-time collaboration be added to content management?

With Google Documents, EtherPad (PiratePad Demo), SubEthaEdit, Gobby, and MoonEdit defining real-time collaboration in our productivity applications (e.g. spreadsheet, word processors, presentations, etc.) a discussion exploring how content management could benefit and grow from this technology seems like an innovative topic for our community.

To kick-off the discussion I propose reviewing the referenced websites to become familiar with existing real-time collaboration implementations. Our community should be familiar with content management from multiple perspectives (content editing, managing workflow, administrating systems, etc.) that we can begin to explore how real-time collaboration traits could enhance existing collaboration features and/or introduce new features.

Where does Percussion CM currently implement collaboration?
[li]Percussion CM offers collaboration amongst users for content items through versioning and workflow stages.[/li][/ul]

Where and how could Percussion CM enhance current collaboration implementation through real-time collaboration technologies?
[li]Real-time feedback throughout the content creation process[/li][LIST]
[li]Highlight content for discussion[/li][li]Track the content history and the decisions behind composed content[/li][/ul]

[li]Field versions and workflow[/li][ul]
[li]Invite a user to collaborate on a field[/li][li]Transition a field to QA[/li][/ul]

What type of new features could be introduced to Percussion CM through real-time collaboration?
[li] Real-time feedback throughout the Site creation[/li][/ul]

Please feel free to explore this topic and introduce questions and ideas that may not be mentioned. I am really curious how this topic as well as other new technologies could improve our current definition of content management.