Display content from item in an archive state

I have an newsletter that has a manual slot to insert items.

I have a “What’s New” page with an auto-slot that lists all the items that are inserted in the newsletter. For each item on this page, the start date of the Newsletter is displayed with the item (not the items start date).

SO we use a reverse slot on the item to grab start date of the newsletter, PSO did this, seems fairly simple. The issue I’ve now run into however, is that the newsletter needs to stay in a public state in order for those dates to display. I’m trying to look for a way to display the date even though the newsletter is in an archive state. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Let me know if that’s not clear or further explanation is needed.

The archive state in the content explorer is supposed to mean that the content is to be removed from the published site, but retained in the repository in case it’s needed in the future.

Since the content isn’t supposed to be available at all on the public site, then the behavior your experiencing is actually what is supposed to happen.

You could get around it by directly querying the database (using $rx.db.get()) to find out: (a) what newsletter item is slotted in, and (b) what the start date is for that newsletter item. Then you’d have to format the date from the database reply… However, doing this would be a hack and defeats the entire purpose of the archival function.

Instead, consider leaving the newsletter item in a public state until all items that reference it are also archived.