Display Formats

Running : 5.7
I’ve been trying to configure a number of custom display formats, that will show certain parts of the content item, within the display.

I found that with some of the formats - once implemented and selected, I was unable to view any items at all within that folder. - Changing the display format back to the old setting, would restore the items.

This only happened on a number of folders, so through trial and error I dug a bit deeper and found that If i am using a “number” type field in the format, then this problem occurs (the page just blanks out), If i am not using any number fields… it’s fine. (Note: the number fields were part of a content type not system/shared fields)

Has anyone else had experience of this problem/issue. I wanted to check if it was exclusive to me before I spoke to Tech support.

Further to the above

the problem doesnt occur if only that Content Type exist (or as shown through workflow).

It only seems to occur if more than 1 content type exists in the display - but only some are using that number field

– In my case my navon and landing page seem to cause the issue, If i edit the workflow so that none of my roles has access to view these content items, then the view starts working again