Displaying label using xml app

Hi. Is there any method other than $rx.keyword.getLabel to get a label from the dropdownsingle control bind it from xml app?


You’re question is somewhat unclear. Could you restate it or tell us what you’re trying to do?


I am using XML application to retreive the contents from a database table of the column field ID and Description to populate the dropdownsingle control. The value of the control is using the table column ID and the name is using table column Description.

Is that a method I can retreive the Description in the template? I can easily to get the value, which is the ID but not the description. Thanks


To retrieve data from a different repository, use the function $rx.db.get. For details, in the Version 6.6 Rhythmyx Implementation Guide, see “Defining Bindings to Publish Child Data from an External Repository”, p. 382.


Why doesn’t ‘getLabel’ suit your purposes? What you are calling ‘Description’ is the entry’s Label.