Do not break pages when autoslot has a problem with JSR query

We frequently run into bugs in the implementation of JSR-170 queries and, when we do, any entire page that contains an autoslot with a problematic query fails to display. We get a “Problem during the assembly of item” page, with the “Error reported” as follows: “Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only” when previewing.

The error message is completely unhelpful (pasting the offending query into the Rhythmyx Query Debugger usually gives more meaningful information) so why break the page to display it? Our users are getting sick of seeing the same error message, and it leads them to think it is the same problem cropping up again and again, that we are failing to fix, when in fact it is a different problem each time. I think it would be better to skip the problematic autoslot, and display the rest of the page normally. This is what happens with other problems with slots (e.g. if you delete/rename the template specified for the slot to use to render the results) so this behaviour is inconsistent.