Do page removals from the dashboard page status widget

It would be great if we can do page removals from the dashboard page status widget. I changed the name of a section and published and then ended up with multiple pages on the site for a whole section. Then I had to rename the section back and open each page indidiually and do individual removels on about 50 pages, then rename the section , then republish. so this would be really handy.

Or to do removals on a folder level would be great.

I updated this to a problem as the issue is that renaming a section does not remove the old pages before publishing the updated pages.


Just thought Id put another plug in for this functionality. It should be an idea.  We just redesigned an exsisting section of the website, so now I have a whole old section that I need to take down and put into Archive mode.  Its a pain doing a page at a time, opening each one, waiting for each page to render, then edit then archive.  Would be rally nice to Archive or approve from  the dashboard pages by status widget, or on a folder level in the NAV view or something.  Right now it takes a ton of time to do them one by one.  I could just delete the folder  but I’m worried they won’t come down off the site properly as I have had issues with this in the past, and I want to keep the files in archive for a bit incase they realize that they missed something from the old section.


That makes sense, I’ve made it an idea again so it gets properly tracked as such.