Does CM1 include search?

Does CM1 include search or does it require a solution like Google search?

CM1 includes a search on the CM1 server.

CM1 does not include a search for your published website.

Our typical approach for applying a search to a published website is to implement Google Custom search. In addition, there are plans to introduce search functionality to the site in future releases.

Thanks Daved! This is much more eloquent and informative.

While not exactly “search” per se, CM1 includes the ability to tag and/or categorize pages and then you can effectively search by tag or category on the live site by using either the Categories or Tags widgets.

To add to Jay’s comment, CM1’s Metadata API can also be utilized to make simple calls to look up pages by categories and tags and return them as results using the Results Widget.

This is a good point as well. For information on setting up categories, check here:

Do you have a link to the CM1 Metadata API documentation? Just for my future reference. Thanks.

Hi Paul,

I believe Kemal was referring to the API outlined in this documentation: