Does CM1 support SHA2 SSL certificates?

In light of Chrome’s pending position on SHA-1 SSL certificates (http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot…), does CM1 support SHA2 SSL certificates?

Percussion CM1 is agnostic on this issue since we do not manage the website. There should be no obstacle to securing your website using SHA2 SSL certificates. 

We’ve already secured the production website. I was asking about securing the Percussion interface.

I’m actually working on this as well Willie. I was pointed to this article to setup https on the admin area,… .

We already have a SHA-1 certificate securing our CM1 admin area. I was asking originally because I wanted to know if it should work or not before I took down the server to try a new certificate.

Sorry Willie. Was it easy setting up the SHA-1 certificate on Percussion? I was about to try this right now.

I was not the one managing the Percussion server at the time of the current certificate’s application, but I think the other sysadmin told me that it was as straightforward as the instructions make it seem.

Okay. Not a problem. Sorry to hijack your thread.