Does Percussion publish the page even if I didn't click Approve?

When I’m in the middle of working on a page, as long as I don’t hit Approve or do Instant Publish, it won’t update for the live version.

However, I do know that if you go to Navigation page and update the page title (and/or file url name), it will update the page to “pending” state and will go live after full publish.

But I did not do either above and instead, I updated the page SEO title (for now) in meta-data dialog and some reason, it went live the next day even thought the page isn’t completed.

I need to know (advice) the list of how to prevent from page going live when you make changes (Navigation page, meta-data dialog, etc.) as long as you don’t hit Approve button. Thank you!

Hi Aaron,

I wasn’t aware of that behavior with Navigation editor. It looks like the editor will only do that for Navigation Sections that are in a Live state at the time of the edit. I suspect that this was intended to save you the extra step of approving the changes when making Navigation changes. It would probably be more consistent if there was a prompt or option when saving to auto-approve the change.

Editing the Metadata section of a Page does not trigger a workflow event, only the submit/approve button will do that, or the Pages by Status gadget. If you check the Revision History of the Page it should show when it transitioned to Pending. The exception to this is file/page renames. The file name is not currently versioned, so if you make a change to the filename, that change is picked up right away for all versions of the Page / Asset. It sounds like this may be what you saw.

If the Page was renamed, when a Full or Incremental publish was next run, the current Page version would be published with the new filename, but the content of the Page would have been published with the current approved revision’s content.

By default, Pages / Assets in Archive, Draft, Review, or Quick Edit states are not including on a production publish. Review state items are included on Content Staging publish.