Does 'Publish Now' automatically publish dependent (e.g., slot) content?

I’m currently looking at implementing Publish Now functionality and have been asked about whether it will publish dependent items. For example, if I create a press release, add a new image into the press release and make both press release and image public - can I ‘Publish Now’ the press release and see both the page and image get published?

One post on the forum suggests this is not the case:

If you’re saying that when you “Publish Now” on the Owner (“parent”) in the Relationship, the Dependent (“child”) is not also being published, then the system is working as designed. Demand publishing (“Publish Now”) was specifically designed only to publish the specified Content Item to minimize the load on the system and to minimize interruptions publishing other Editions.

However, I was led to believe this the system should publish dependent items as well if necessary. The CM system 6.6 fact sheet PDF available at says:

>> Incremental updates with dependency checks – the system checks for content dependencies and publishes all the pieces needed to make the updates take effect.

So, which is it?


The text you cite from the fact sheet is describing the incremental publishing functionality, which is not the same as Publish Now.

Incremental publishing does check on dependencies and republishes any Content Items affected by changes since the last publishing run.

Publish Now, as described in the forum text you cite, is designed to publish only the specified Content Item.

So in your scenario, if you select the press release and use Publish Now, only the press release will be published. If you want to publish the image, you must use Publish Now on it separately. Or, you could manually run an incremental edition to publish both.


Bob, thanks for the clarification. I’d say the fact sheet is therefore pretty misleading as it’s describing incremental publishing in a set of bullet points in the middle of section of text under the heading ‘Publish Now’.

At least I now know for sure that I need to select each item I want to publish if I use Publish Now - or as you said I can manually run an incremental edition to publish both.