Does Rhythmyx provide a way to find out a list of Web Pages where a Snippet or Image is used?

I would like to have a list of the Web Pages (published or not) where a Snippet or Image is used.  I have a Snippet that was created by a Webmaster before me, and I would like to be able to know which pages where the Snippet has been inserted or connected.  The same question for Images too.  If I DELETE a Snippet or Image, which pages would be affected.

Hi Billy,

I recently created a XML app in the Workbench, invoked by a right-click action menu, which I called the Related Content Status Checker. Although you can do what you mention, kind of, using the out the box Impact Analysis tool, this simple status checking tool provides a simple web page listing all the content items the selected item is related to, and their states. It also allows you to click directly into a related item in the content explorer or to open the Active Assembly for Documents interface (which I renamed to something more obvious along with fixing it so that it shows not only related content items but their content id and state also).

My app could easily be augmented to also show ancestors rather than just descendants of the selected item, if you’re interested. I need to put a wee library of similar stuff up somewhere…

Cheers, Andrew

PS Here’s what I meant by fixing the Active Assembly for Documents interface…