Dojo Content Browser Search Error

I am trying to figure out an odd error I am getting on an issue I am working on for Cedars. I try to search for a certain content item by content id and check show folders on their in house environment. I get a dojo error in the java console:

An assert statement failed. The method dojo.lang.assert() was called with a ‘false’ value. Here’s the assert message: Table row should exist for this data.

I can search for other content items of the same type without an issue. It just happens on this one content item. I have even made a copy of the item and searched for the new content item id and that works fine.

I tried this same test on an OOB install and I can search for content items by content id and have that box checked and I do not receive an error. If anyone has any ideas why I am getting this error I would appreciate the help. If you need any more information please let me know.

Kind Regards,