Double-clicking site in design goes to navigation editor

What I presume is a bug: When in design mode, and editing a template, and you want to go back to the list of all templates, so you double-click the site. However, this takes you to the navigation editor, (and takes you out of design mode).

This is counter-intuitive, as to view the list of templates initially you double click on the site.
Not a major bug, but happens often enough when I’m editing templates to be frustrating.

This isn’t a defect, but it is usability issue we’re looking to revisit next year. Double-clicking the site normally takes you to Navigation. It is only when you access one of the admin screens (Design, Publishing, Workflow), and are prompted to double-click a site that this behavior changes.

My recommendation for going from the template back to the design manager is to use the top menu. I’ve found that to be the fastest way to navigate back to the design manager.

Well I just wanted to make sure it was a known issue.

However, in my opinion it is not very helpful because:

  • It’s inconsistent (e.g. in the initial design view when you are prompted to select vs. when editing a template)
  • It’s annoying (because it takes you out of the screen you are working with)
  • It’s unnecessary (What’s so important about the navigation that all of them go there? If I want to go to navigation then I would select the navigation screen)

So I would definitely encourage you to revisit this issue.