DTS API for Calendar Events?

I want to display a list of upcoming events from a calendar in a similar fashion to the way the Events widget displays (with the event date in it’s own div).

I know how to write a custom Page Auto List widget using the API to list pages by tag or category, however that only pulls the page link and summary.

What is the html I should place under the query so that I could essentially build a custom Event widget?


Great to hear from you. Lloyd, brought up in another topic:


I believe this answers your question as well. However, if you wanted to dig a little deeper and see the mechanism of how it works for events, and what it calls: rxconfig\Widgets\percCalendar.xml (is the file path for it)

The code for creating the event:
var dataObj = {“criteria”:[“type = ‘page’”, “perc:calendar = ‘$calName’”]}

Hopefully this helps, let us know what solution you end up working out, since I believe some of our other customers might be interested in it as well.


Thank you Chris,

Parts of that are helpful. I guess I should have said that I was looking for the DTS Markup (RDFa) for a custom Events Widget. I don’t want to use an external Calendar, I want to display events that are added to the CM1 Calendar in a custom Events Widget.

For example, I have already written a custom Page Auto List widget using the DTS Markup like this:





As you can see the widget pulls 3 (max) press release links into a starting at the 3rd record sorted by created desc .

What I would like to create is a widget that pulls 3 (or some number) of links to pages that have been added to a CM1 Calendar. The “criteria” code you wrote above looks helpful. But what I need is the HTML that goes under the data query that will display the links like the Events Widget normally does. In the example above, this is the part that starts with . I’m assuming that it would look something like ```

 Make sense?

Sorry about the jumbled code, the “preformatted” tag wouldnt keep all the formatting