Duplicating pages and assets

At one time there was a button in the finder (top right) that allowed you to duplicate a page or an asset. We used that feature quite a bit with our catalog that requires us to maintain content for a certain amount of time and in order to keep up on the changes that occur we would copy the asset and make the change. Once the catalog could be edited we would copy the new content into the old asset so it would go live throughout the site. This is also a function I have used for our slide shows at the top of the pages to copy and just swap out the photos instead of the whole set of code.

This was an incredible time saver and would like to see it return.


The “Copy” feature is still there. We added more actions, so we moved them into a “Gear” icon, that has a drop menu with Copy, Properties, etc.

Also note we have a brand new forum based on new software. We won’t shut this one off right away, but we’re moving all activity over there.
This new community forum is based on a “ask/reply” model. Hope you like it!

I see it for the pages, but when I try to use it for assets it is grayed out. Is this suppose to be available for them as well?

I will take a look at the new forum!