Dynamically get page title?

Is there any way to reference the title of a page on the page itself? like say I have Rich Text Widget and I want to pull and display the page’s title (from the meta-data SEO area) dynamically. Is there an easy way to do this other than using JavaScript or global variables? I guess what I’d be looking for is like a built in variable for the Page Title that gets replaced by the actual page’s title on publish or something.

I’d use the global variables possibly, but they’d require me to manually put in a bunch of them. I want to simply auto pull the Page’s title instead.

Hi Paul,

Unless I’m misunderstanding your needs, it sounds like the Title Widget may be just what you’re looking for:

Title Widget

Thanks… that’ll do.

Additionally, it looks like it’s pulling the “Display Text” for the page instead of the “Page title (browser title)”. And according to the help documentation there should be some type of Sync option, but I don’t see this. Note that I’m editing an index page that is a navigation section… And I understand that to change the Display Text I can go into navigation area and change it on the section level, but we may want to have the display text within CM1 to be different from the actual Page Title / Document Title.

How do I get the Title widget to pull the Page Title (under SEO of metadata) and not the Display Title of the section?

Hi Paul,

Yes, the widget does pull from the main “Display text” field, and not the SEO “Page title” field. This behavior can’t be modified. You can deselect the “Sync” option while editing the widget in the Content tab in order to have a unique value in the widget that doesn’t override the page’s main “Display text” field.

Gotcha. guess I’ll be writing my own custom widget so it will pull the *actual* page/document title instead of the display title.