Dynamically Updating Documents on the Site

We use Google for our internal site. We will be migration to CM1, but wanted to know if we will loose the ability to dynamically update documents in CM1? For example we have spreadsheet embedded in a page, users are able to update the document on the page.



There is currently no way in CM1 for your users to dynamically edit documents like you can with Google Docs. If this is something that is important to you, you can create links to your Google-hosted documents by right-clicking on them through Google Docs and selecting “Share.” This will generate a URL to the document which only contributors to the document can access. Through CM1 you can then create a page which indexes all of these Google-based documents.

The purely CM1 alternative would be to simply upload the documents as File assets, index them on a page however you like, and then users with the required permissions can freely download, edit, and re-upload these documents through the user interface.


Thanks Nathaniel. If we create the URLs to our Google docs when they’re edited will the updates appear in CM1?

Thanks again

The first method I mentioned will simply create a URL to the document in Google Docs, which you can then paste into (for instance) a Rich Text widget in CM1 as a link. What you would be doing is creating a page with a set of links pointing to your Google-hosted documents. So yes, even if you make edits to the document via Google Docs, the URLs will still point to the document, and any edits will appear as usual. Does this make sense?

Yes, thank you.