edit live rxs_navbase

How can we use images from resource files in editlive?
We have some images in our resource files (…/webresources/sitename/images/ folder) and our users want to use those images in ephox control. Basically they want to paste some HTML in edit live and all the images they use reside in resource files.


Ravi, Not sure if have resolved the issue. If yes, could you share how to use or reference rxs_navbase within the EditLive editor?

If not, does anyone have an answer to this issue?


It sounds like these images are not really “site furniture” and should be added as image content items instead.

Hi Hua and Ravi,

Unfortunately it seems that the behavior which you are looking for is not readily available out of box. The recommended and most reliable way to add these images is to create the images as content items within the system.
You may be able to customize the product to implement the desired behavior, I would recommend contacting professional services to inquire about the possibility and cost of such an implementation.