Editing Content Items question

After I create new contents and go through workflow (draft->pending->public), the contents items become public. Once they are public, Author roles can’t do edits (or checkouts)? I don’t see the Edit/Checkout options on the right click. I also checked that Edit is visible to the community.

Right now, only Admins can to Quick Edits once they go public.

You need edit your workflow state transitions to allow for other roles.

Thanks. Related question…

I have content items that were created by admin role , but now authors can’t seem to edit the contents. They are in the same community. Only contents created by the author role can be edited by other authors.

Just like you did for transitions, you need to do the same thing for each workflow state. Only users who are in roles that have Assignee (or Admin) access can edit content. Being in the same community is not sufficient.