Editing template issue

Is there a way to edit the source code (not HTML widget, mind you) via edit template? Thanks!


We don’t provide the ability to directly manipulate the HTML of the template. The design philosophy around CM1 was to productize the process of creating designs and to manipulate the design through a user interface rather than by direct code manipulation. We also provide the ability to insert code in the head and the beginning and end of the body. Sometime developers chafe at this constraint as they are used to being able to do direct code manipulation. Do you have specific reasons to want to directly manipulate the template (aka product limitations) or is it a matter of comfort and familiarity?


When importing a template, I noticed Percussion only grab whatever they saw from “view source”. That is the issue when it comes to javascript plugins. I need to go in and fix the html codes (aka direct code manipulation) so it will work properly.

Regarding “direct code manipulation”, that FTP will be the perfect solution.

Hope I make sense.