Editing the Percussion's core widget files


This is a long shot but thought I’d post it anyway…

Is there a way I can edit the Percussion default core file widgets (such as blog list and blog post widget) so I can move/reconstruct div w/o tampering the “smarty tag”? I’ve done that a lot on WordPress without any issues. It would be sweet to do so for the Percussion’s widgets.

Here’s an example…

In Percussion’s Blog Post widget, there was no way for me to add “X” in the specific area I wanted nor re-arrange heading, date, content around, etc.

I think it would be awesome to provide the ability to edit the “Percussion widgets” core files.

Hope I’m clear :slight_smile: If not, just let me know.


We do not provide the ability to modify Percussion’s widgets.  One of the key differences between a product and an open source development platform is that our functionality works out-of-the-box and is tested and supported by our development organization. The limitation is that you cannot modify the core functionality.  This is the motivation behind Widget Builder – providing you the ability to create your own core content types.