Editing the tree.xml file isn't updating in the CM1 app


I’m having an issue updating a site’s category tree.xml file. I updated it and saved it on the app server but the changes are not showing up in CM1. I did a full-publish to see if that would push it out and still nothing changed. What am I missing?


Hi Sarah,

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Sometime the browser caches the categories list.

I didn’t think of that and cleared the cache but unfortunately, it didn’t work :frowning:

Hi Sarah,

Did you add new categories or did you modify existing ones?


I did both, added new ones and got rid of the old ones. Nothing updated.

Hi Sarah,

Can you clarify the type of edit you are making to your tree.xml file (modifying a label, removing items, adding a whole new node set, etc.)? It may not hurt to share a before and after snippet of the file’s contents, if the change is minor. If the change is major (or the file is entirely new), this won’t be needed.

Are you testing this in your Dev environment? If so, and if the change you’ve been trying to implement is a small one, it might be worthwhile to drop in a tree.xml file with 100% new contents, just as a test.

I edited the file with entirely new contents. This is a new site so it needs new/different categories. This is on the dev environment.

So I’ve been editing the web server, so this is the reason why the changes didn’t take effect and reverted back to the old categories tree file (nothing changed). I’m now in the CM1 server and it looks like there’s only ONE tree.xml file in the web_resources folder. Does this mean I’m not able to edit the categories tree for a new site??


Okay, and is the behavior that the original tree’s checkbox options are still appearing, or are no new options appearing with this new tree.xml file? Can you confirm that you’re placing your new tree.xml file on your CM1 server (not either of you web servers) at [perc_root]/web_resources/categories, and no other location?

Ah, just missed your reply. Yes, currently all sites share the same tree.xml file. The recommended approach for a multi-site deployment in CM1 would be to create a new root tree branch for categories relevant to this new site.

Alrighty, that sounds like a plan. Thank you!!