Editlive does not allow some characters in a tag attribute

The current EditLive control does not allow some speical characters inside a tag attribute, is there anywhere I can config to allow that?
What I want in the Editlive is to allow something like

<a href="#" data="<iframe>blahblah</iframe>">View</a>
I have now get the error message like this

Error processing inline link Problem while processing inline link for item 6-101-148897: The value of attribute “data” associated with an element type “a” must not contain the ‘<’ character. See the replacement body in the console log. The attributes on the affected link were: class=“rx_ephox_inlinevariant”,contenteditable=“false”,inlinetype=“rxvariant”,rxinlineslot=“105”,rxselectedtext="",sys_dependentid=“148895”,sys_dependentvariantid=“2197”,sys_folderid="",sys_relationshipid=“592499”,sys_siteid=""

Anyone has idea on this post?

The example you gave is invalid HTML, so I think the error message is totally appropriate. The entities either need to be encoded (data="<iframe>blahblah</iframe>") or depending on what your goal is, maybe you could just put the iframe outside the anchor tag, and hide/reveal it with css. If you need to manipulate the data further, you might be able to put the iframe outside the anchor tag, hide it with CSS, then manipulate that data with whatever DOM tools you are using (such as jQuery), but over all, I thing the editor is right in rejecting that content as it is invalid HTML.

Yes, the data will be some video embed code I need to manipulate it later. The HTML will work fine if I do not use EditLive. I didn’t encode the data because I think the Editlive editor also doesn’t work well with script. But as you said, maybe hide it with CSS is a better way. Thanks.