Email Notification CC

I have one user placed in our system using their none-LDAP userid. When I receive the email notification to the Admin none-LDAP email, I see they are copied. I am using LDAP to set users up in the system, but this ID was created for testing. How can I change this?

Hey Debbie,

Can you clarify your exact goal here? Are you trying to edit or remove the non-Admin user that was created for testing, change their role so that they don’t receive the email notice, or something else? Thanks!

Everytime I receive a notification from the system with a link to review, I see they are cced, which is not necessary.

How can I change it so they are not receiving these also?

If the user containing this email address was created just for testing, you could simply go into the Workflow > Users section of CM1 and remove the user. Alternately, in that same section you can reassign the user to a role that’s not setup to receive notifications, or edit the user and remove the email address from the Email field.

This user does work now and then for us and this role has Admin rights on it. If I remove the email address from the profile, how will it alert me when they send an item up for my approval?

This person has a contributor role normally using their work email address. I did not want to alter that to have Admin rights.


If I understand your concerns correctly, let me clarify that a user does not need to have an email address as part of their profile in order for their actions in the system to trigger notifications to other users. I.e., if this user has no email address assigned to their profile, notifications will still be sent to your account (which has an email address assigned to it) when they perform any action that triggers a notification. Let me know if this clears some things up, or if I’m misunderstanding your concerns.

Oh yes this does and thank you :slight_smile:

One more question - if I remove the associated email from this one specific profile, and they do an edit. My work flow has it that I will receive notification.

What email will the notification then come from?

Sorry for all of the questions - but I do find this interesting.

Debbie, no need to apologize! So, on your application server your have a configuration file named, which allows CM1 to connect to your network’s SMTP host in order to send email. In that properties file there is also a MAIL_DOMAIN field though which you can specify the domain that email notifications appear to come from (e.g. ""). It is my understanding that CM1 takes the username of the user that triggers the notifications and appends it to the value in the MAIL_DOMAIN, and then that whole string will appear as the address that the emails are coming from (e.g. “”).