Embedded .exe files

I need to offer free downloads on my site. How do I imbed an .exe file to a button or link?


CM1 has a widget called the File widget which allows you to add a file directly to a page through it. It also has a related File asset that allows you to add files to a folder in the Asset library and both of these support the .EXE extension. Once you add a file asset, you can use the Rich Text editor and link any text or HTML element to the file asset using the Hyperlink button on the Rich Text Editor toolbar.

Information about the File widget is available at: http://help.percussion.com/widgets/wi…. This interface is similar to the File asset since they are directly related.

You can find information about working with the Asset library here: http://help.percussion.com/design/wor…

Additionally, in the upper right corner of the attached image, you will see two hyperlink buttons currently disabled, or greyed out.

Once you highlight an item, they will be active. The browse button in the popup that occurs allows you to navigate pages or assets to link to.