Embedding jsp scriptlets


I’m fairly new to Rhythmyx, but I have spent quite some time looking through the posts and don’t seem to be able to find any answers to this.

I’m trying to embed jsp scriptlets (between the tags <% and %>) into the main body of our content items, which we edit through ephox. However, as soon as I try to update the item, the embedded code is removed (I believe that it is a “clean/tidy” operation which automatically performed upon update).

I’ve read other similar threads, but none which seem to deal specifically with this. We have the latest patch which fixes the problem for javascript and other such tags, but unfortunately not jsp.

From what I can see in the documentation, this should be possible, but perhaps there is some sort of customisation required? Is there any way around this?

Unfortunately JSP/ASP/PHP tags are not currently supported within an Editlive field. The issue is that the content is stored in a div tag and this has issues with the server tags with the behavior being that they get stripped out.


I just became aware of the below post this morning, hence the delay in replying.

Might there be any sort of work around that you are aware of for the problem, I understand that it is ephox-related, however one of the documents in the Rhythmyx install directory (Chapter 6 in Rhythmyx\rx_resources\ephox\ephox_developerguide.pdf) seems to be suggesting that such tags are or were supported (as I read it). Granted, the document is quite old, so is it possible that this was once supported, but has since been dropped