Enable/disable scheduled tasks

Hi everyone.

We’re just implemented some scheduled tasks in our system (release 6.7.0, patch RX-16101).

As far as I can see there’s no possibility to enable and disable a Cron job in CM System, but only to delete and recreate it… Am I right?
If so that implies only developers can manage them as we cannot leave super-users to play with those “tricky” Cron specifications…

Any suggestions about how to sort this out?


You are correct, there is no way to disable or enable a scheduled task.

I asked a very similar question and got a response that said you could disable a task by changing the server name of the task configuration. For me, if I want to disable a scheduled task I just change the server name from being empty to ‘TASK_DISABLED’ or similar.

See http://forum.percussion.com/showthread.php?t=9690

Thank you very much, it works.

I was a bit concerned about the failure email notification (something like “Unknown server”) but I didn’t get any email from the system.