I would like to request a patch to upgrade Ephox to the latest version. It now supports Google Chrome, which is my browser of choice for everything except Rhythmyx.




I agree. Micro-templating is also available.

Agreed. I would welcome support for chrome

@Technical Support Will Ephox be upgraded in the next minor release?

Thanks for the feedback, folks. We always look at Ephox upgrades with point releases. The only reason we don’t or wouldn’t do it, is if some critical existing functions need to be retrofit. The plan right now is to include this in the next point release - but the date and time (and number) of that is not final.

We’ll try to post here when we have more.

Thank you Vern

Wanted to follow-up on this thread to see when the next point-release that would include the latest version of Ephox would be?

We’ll be updating everyone on the release schedule on Jan 20. (I can say now that updates of this nature will start coming out fairly soon, and I’ll post more after the 20th.)

Can you give an update on the release schedule for Ephox upgrade inclusion?

Latest update: CM System 7.0.1 includes the Ephox upgrade. This release is currently in QA. Pending testing, this is planned for later March release.

Note: If you are not already familiar with the CM System 7 road map, agile release methodology, numbering and upgrade scheme, etc. from our Road Map Review webinars or user groups, please contact Customer Relations to schedule an overview.

Thanks Vern. Are there any features of the Ephox editor that you will not make available in Percussion? Also, will this be the enterprise version of Ephox?

I just wanted to post an update. 7.0.1 is currently only available on a request basis for new customers. The new Ephox upgrade will be rolled forward into 7.0.2 and subsequent releases that will be available for upgrades to existing systems. This will be later in June.

As we get closer (May) I’ll add more specifics on functions per the questions here.

Thank you for the update.

Thanks for the update! It would have been nice if were included instead as that would fix RX-16618. (http://liveworks.ephox.com/hints-tips/osx+java3 … where in safari on a mac, multiple warnings pop up every single time ephox is loaded…).

Ditto on this request as we experience the problem described by jitendra on a daily basis.

The current internal build of CM System 7 (not yet released for upgrades in the field) uses Ephox This version of Ephox is also available as an “upgrade kit” (basically a kind of patch) for 6.7. The reason we picked Ephox was that it was the most current version at the time we did the upgrade kit (originally to fix a Java JRE issue).

We’re looking at newer versions of Ephox now based on the feedback you all have contributed here.

More updates to come…

So Vern, does the Ephox version include Accessibility Report functionality that Ephox is well known for?

Yes. The Accessibility Report functions in Ephox continue to work. There’s a button right there in the Ephox tool bar. (This feature is one of the main value-added features of Ephox relative to simpler editors.)

Another update. Looks like the default Accessibility Report settings in Ephox changed, so that in 7.0.1 you’d have to change your Ephox config to bring the report button/functions back to being visible for users. We’re going to adjust the default configuration to make sure this extra config is not required 7.0.2.