Ephox: any way to supress TABLE borders by default?

When adding table via the Ephox editor menu/button options, the table is automatically assigned a border. The <table> tag includes border=“1”. Our CSS automatically assigns borders, so this border attribute is not necessary and you end up with tables that have two borders.

We can’t rely on users to remove the border attribute so it would be ideal if the default routine of Insert > Table and it’s button equivalent didn’t add it all.

What are the options for modifying this behavior?


The Ephox documentation may help you with this: http://liveworks.ephox.com/documentation/editlive/v60/.



When I use the Insert Table menu item in ephox, I can set the value of the border to 0 or whatever in the properties window that opens. This doesn’t happen when you use the corresponding icon, which defaults to 1.

You can comment out the ‘Insert table’ icon in the ephox config file to force users to use the menu item, maybe?