ephox configuration

Can anyone tell me how to make small edits to the ephox editor? I would like to remove things like font list and include a styles list, etc. I thought it was under rxroot/sys_resources/ephox/elj_config.xml as I seen a font list in there but when I removed, nothing happened. I tried restarting rhythmyx service, tried flushing cache … Any information would be appreciated, thank you.


Any customizations you need to make should be done in the rx_resources/ephox/elj_config.xml, not the sys_resources/ephox/elj_config.xml.

Files within the sys_resources directory are considered system files and should not be modified for any reason. These files set the baseline for your environment. Any changes made to files/settings within rx_resources will take precidence over identical settings withing the sys_resources directory.

I would recommend recovering sys_resources/…/elj_config.xml from a backup and then make your changes the rx_resources version of the file instead. You will need to clear your java and browser cache and restart the browser to see the changes.

Awsome, thank you.