Ephox control and locales

When we create a piece of content in a given locale the ephox control switches to a locale-specific variant and becomes very sluggish and frequently freezes.

Is there a way to set it to always use the English version of Ephox? (our editors are all English-speakers, merely cutting and pasting copy in that’s been supplied by a translation agency, we just use the locales to ensure that the the correct templates are used)


Which version of Percussion CM / Ephox are you running? Please provide the system information for the content editor(s) experiencing this behavior.

Ephox talks about setting character sets (charset) for the document in its manual @ http://docs.ephox.com/display/EditLive7/Internationalization+Support. I may examine the issue on our instance to see if we experience the sluggish and freezing.

It’s CM System version 6.7 and Ephox version

The slow down is experience by users on Windows 7 (32bit) running Java 7 (though the same problem was also seen under Java 6) and using either IE9 or Firefox.

Steve, you may try reaching out to Technical Support. I don’t have an environment available to test this configuration. Seems like the Java Console should give/dump more information on what’s hanging up the system.