ephox custom control

Has anyone set up an ephox custom control in RX 6.5.2 (patch 14692)?
Previously, I did this by copying the control from Root/sys_resources/sys_templates and pasting it into root/rx_resources/rx_templates (above the /xsl:stylesheet tag) and changed all of the refences from sys_EditLive to rx_EditLive; and adding the declaration to the top of the rx_templates file: !ENTITY customEphoxFunctions SYSTEM “/Rhythmyx/rx_resources/ephox/rx_ephox_custom.xml” and change:
psxctl:DefaultValue>…/rx_resources/ephox/elj_config.xml /psxctl:DefaultValue
psxctl:DefaultValue>…/rx_resources/ephox/elj_config_ICAO.xml /psxctl:DefaultValue

Now when I do that in 6.5.2 (b/c the control seems to have changed in sys_templates) the rx_EditLive control is not “clickable” (won’t activate the control) in the content editor. However, if I have two controls (one rx_EditLive and one sys_EditLive in the same content editor) both can be activated by clicking on the control. And the rx_EditLive toolbar reflects the customization (i.e. commented out the font menu in elj_config_ICAO.xml)

I realize that I could just use the sys_editLive control but originally, the point to re-creating the control in rx_templates was to avoid having customizations overwritten during upgrades.