Ephox fails to load under latest JRE/64-bit

We’ve had a user who previously successfully edited in Rhythmyx report that, when he clicks into an EditLive! field, the editor part-loads and then hangs.

Anyone got any pointers? He’s on Vista Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1 and noticed a recent automated Java update, so I am assuming that he’s on 1.6.0_13 - I’m checking that as he is a remote user.

I see that the JRE has recently become available in full 64-bit: any known compatibility issues?

We’ve tried asking him to clear his temporary Java files, but that did not help.


Just to note that this has been resolved. The user discovered some kind of faulty install/internal conflict between JREs; when he removed his various JRE versions and reinstalled the latest one from the Java site, EditLive! returned to normal behaviour.

Thanks for reading.