Ephox UI issue - removing inline template

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, if they found any solution or workaround. When using the “Insert Rhythmyx Template” functionality in Ephox, after a snippet is inserted, it seems like the only way to remove is to click it and then a dialog box comes up that gives you a number of options, one of which is delete the snippet altogether. Is this the only way? It doesn’t make for the best user experience and even I was a loss as to how to delete it until I discovered this.

Secondly, even when using this, the widget is not very responsible to clicks. It seems I have to “triple” click once or twice to even get the dialog box to come up Perhaps this a Javascript-related bug here? I have tried in IE7, IE8 and Firefox 3 and get the same behavior.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


The only other method that I believe to work (creates more complexity; therefore, not recommended) is to remove the template through the code view. I agree that the proposed method for removing these templates is not as intuitive as it could be; however, this is why I’m excited to use TinyMCE. Should allow for further customization of our editor.

Thanks Riley,
I take it Percussion has plans to give us the ability to use TinyMCE in the future?

Only based upon the roadmap presentation a few weeks ago – all revolving around the attempt by Percussion to get away from Java Applets on the front end. Someone from Percussion may be more specific with these details as I hate to create false information.

[QUOTE=dtaylor;17993]Thanks Riley,
I take it Percussion has plans to give us the ability to use TinyMCE in the future?[/QUOTE]

Our future roadmap does include the OPTION of using TinyMCE as a rich text editor because it allows our customers to offer their users an “applet free” way of editing. An entirely “applet free UI” – as an option for most users – is a goal for our roadmap.

We remain committed to Ephox as an option as well and plan to upgrade to the newest version of Ephox in a upcoming release. Ephox will remain a choice for those customers who prefer its features to those of TinyMCE, and for those customers who would not want to have to retrain users to a new editor.

We’ll post more specific release information on these options and timing as we have it.

I realize I’m a little late on the scene…

@Duane (dtaylor), does your snippet contain an image, and are you clicking on the image when you see this behavior?