Error Approving Assets

I can’t approve an asset. The error message reads: The revision ‘3’ does not specify the current revision for the item with content id ‘2,187’ but the user does not have the item checked out. We can’t figure out how to fix the error or where to begin troubleshooting.

Hi Raquel,

I just need to ask a couple of clarifying questions first! Thanks for posting. Firstly, I need to make sure that it is an asset and not a page. Is this a shared asset if it is?

It’s an asset, an image inside of a web banner carousel on the homepage that is not showing up properly. The image assets are in its own local folder, however, because it’s a translated site, this site is a copy from the English version and therefore may be a shared asset. When I go into the template and edit, the pencil says Edit Local Content. There is a java script that was written for the web banner and it’s the entire banner that is not working.

Hi Raquel,

Thanks. To further clarify, can you outline the exact steps you take to trigger this error? E.g. you edit the template, edit the asset containing your carousel, make your changes, hit Save, and then the error pops-up? Or is this not the process? Thanks again!

Hi Nathan! Editing and saving are fine. We tried to do a soft launch of our translated site and went to approve all pages. All pages published fine. However, we saw that the web banner carousel on the homepage did not show up. I went into the Banner folder with the image assets. I opened the first image, hit edit and chose approve. That’s when the error message popped up.

Hi Raquel,

Thanks for clearing that up. We’re looking into a potential bug that would leave content in this checked-out state – I’ll update you on any findings there. For now, can you find the page that this image asset exists on (if you’re unsure, when editing the asset, expand the Site Impact menu at the bottom of the screen to locate the page) and attempt to edit the Widget containing the image directly through the page?

If that doesn’t work, let me know what type of widget exists on the page that contains the image (either a Rich Text or a Image widget), and I can outline how to manually replace the image asset.

Hi Nathan. I’m a little unclear as to where this Site Impact menu is. I can either go into homepage (homepage template) or I can go into the actual slide (banner template). The banner template is where the actual image and text is for each image. I’ve provided a screen shot of the banner image template. Can you tell me where this Site Impact menu is? I’ve also provided an image in preview so you can see that the banner does work.

Hey Raquel,

Is this first image from the area where you’re encountering the error? And you can edit and Save the image fine, but when you choose “Approve” on the overall page, the error message appears?

If so, you’re encountering this error when approving the page, not an asset or template (which is what Ben was asking). These pages are then pulled in by a script on your homepage, so I see how the terminology here can be a bit confusing!

At any rate, if this is where you’re seeing the error, this is a known issue. In the thread below I’ve outlined a couple workarounds:

Of course, let me know if I’m misunderstanding the misunderstanding!

Hi Nathan, we read over the workaround and would rather convert all of our page’s local content into Shared Assets. However, we cannot find the Shared Asset check box at the bottom of the edit window. Can you point us in the correct direction please? Thanks.

Hey Raquel,

The promote to Shared Asset feature was introduced in Percussion CMS version 2.7, so if you’re running an earlier version than that (hit “?” > About in the upper right of the UI to verify) you will need to follow the more manual workaround option.

Hi Nathan,

I used the manual workaround and we were able to publish the four images. However, only three of the four images show in the home page carousel. Our IT person has been trying to troubleshoot the problem but can’t figure it out. We’re able to see all of the images in preview mode and the fourth image published fine so we’re not able to understand why the last image doesn’t show in the published site. Our IT person thinks this may not be just a code change but may also involve the database. Have you seen this issue before and if so, is there a solution? Thanks.


Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if you approved/published the 4th image? That may be the reason why it isn’t showing up on the live site, but you are able to see it in preview mode. Let us know if this helps.