Error Caused by Inline Content that “Include folder in the link”

Read the attached word file, for a better explanation and to see screen shots.

When you link to a content item, in a Ephox Rich Text field, and you include the check box “Include folder in the link”, if that folder is ever removed
the content item will publish with an assembly error, saying it cannot find the folder any more.

So to fix it, you have to find the content items, that contain inline links with broken relationship to folders that don’t exist any more.

This Oracle SQL will find all the content items that have inline links built with check box “Include folder in the link” checked for a given site

select distinct owner_id,ow.title as owner_title, dependent_id,dp.title as dependent_title
from psx_objectrelationship x,
contentstatus ow,
contentstatus dp
where ow.contentid=x.owner_id
and ow.public_revision is not null
and dp.public_revision is not null
and dp.contentid=X.DEPENDENT_ID
and x.folder_id is not null
and x.inline_relationship=‘body’
and :sitefolder in
(select a.owner_id
from psx_objectrelationship a
where a.owner_revision=-1
and a.dependent_revision=-1
start with a.dependent_id=x.folder_id
connect by prior a.owner_id = a.dependent_id)
order by owner_id

For each of the content items returned by the query.
To fix go into the Body field, and then click on the code view.
Find the parameter sys_folderid=”<some folder id>”, then delete the folder id so the code is now sys_folderid=””, this will remove the “Include Folder In Link” relationship.