Error Message: No user name set in current request information

I am getting the following error when I moved my Extensions jar file from 6.6 to 6.7 Rhythmyx server. This error happens when I invoke the IPSContentWs.saveItems() method.

15:02:59,138 ERROR [FTSIndexQueue] An unexpected exception occurred. The reason was: No user name set in current request information. Please consult the log for further information.

Has anything changed API wise for saveItems between 6.6 and 6.7 servers?
Do you think there would be any problems copy the Extensions jar file developed in 6.6 version over to 6.7 version


Yes, the API for saveItems() and similar methods changed. The new versions of the API no longer require the user name and session id (these are stored in the Thread).

You should not copy the extensions jar, you should rebuild your jar using the 6.7 server jars.


Yes…the username and session id are not required after version 6.5. All of my development was done on 6.6 env. and so in none of my API calls I am passing explicitly the user/ session info.

Everything was working great till I was deploying to 6.6.

Now when I copy the same 6.6 developed jar to 6.7 I am noticing this problem.

Was there a solution to your problem? I am running into the similar problem with 6.7.

I have the extension that implements IPSWorkflowAction.

when I call PSContentWsLocator.getContentWebservice().loadItems(glist, true, false, false, false)

it reports with the same exception…

Any solutions?