Error on submitting a Ticket to Netsuite

Does anyone else get a

 "Error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please go back and try again" 

when submitting (or updating) a support Ticket in NetSuite? We experienced this problem over a month ago and it is still not resolved for us. Yes, we did open a ticket about the ticketing software and we were told that updates about the issue would be provided on the forums. So, at this point I’m not sure if we are the only ones experiencing the issue or the only ones complaining…

Our customer portal is a SaaS solution produced by Netsuite. We have reported the issue and it has been reported to their Development team for review.

We have not received any updates on the status of this ticket and will post any updates we get in this thread.

Thanks for the update. I just find it annoying and yet at the same time amusing that the issue has yet to be fixed.