Error publishing to staging server

I’m trying to setup a staging server, and I’m getting an error on full publish:

An unexpected problem occurred: PSMetadataDeliveryHandler is disabled because cannot find a server that runs “perc-metadata-services” service.

I’m guessing that I have the delivery-servers.xml file configured incorrectly. I have CM1 on one server, staging DTS on another, and then production server is a third. What do I need to put in the connection-url field for the staging server?

Hello Lisa,

This page has more details on setting up your delivery-servers.xml for staging:

One thing that can be helpful is to open your delivery-servers.xml in a web browser - this might show you if the XML formatting is good.

Also check to make sure your Percussion server can connect to the staging DTS server - it’s ports are different than the production DTS, over https on port 9443.

If this information is not helpful you can open a ticket at  Please send us a copy of your delivery-servers.xml file and we can review it.