Establish a pre-connection to the server

Per SiteImprove’s Performance: Establish a pre-connection to the server

About this issue:

Use <link rel="preconnect"> to tell the browser to initiate a connection to the server so that any DNS lookups, redirects, and other pre-connection activities are done in advance. This means users spend less time waiting for the page to load.


I was wondering if Percussion will implement this in the next update? If not, I can add it myself. I wanted to make sure. Thanks.

Hi Aaron,

We currently have a feature checked in that uses loadCSS to preload and asynchronously load CSS. We haven’t added preconnect.

This still needs to clear QA and customer testing.

If you take a look at the browser compatibility for the preconnect attribute (and preload), it is not 100%:

You can definitely add this to your own templates now and those browsers that can take advantage can use it.