Exception loading children

I’ve plugged the title into the search here and not found anything so here goes…

Exception loading children: 20001: com.percussion.cms.PSCmsException: An unexpected error occurred while processing the CMS request. The error was: com.percussion.design.objectstore.PSUnknownNodeTypeException: The ‘name’ attribute of the <PSXComponentSummary> XML element is invalid or empty:

any idea what the PSXComponentSummary xml element is.

The result of this is that no items in this particular folder display at all.


This usually happens when there is a content type that is invalid, and/or missing some essential component. Can you open any other folders on your system? If it’s just this one folder there maybe something about the items contained therein.

Sorry for taking so long to reply - I went on leave and forgot all about it.

We are only experiencing a problem with this one folder at the moment. Does this mean I will have to query the database directly to try and find the item causing the problem?

I’ve fixed this now. There was a content item associated witht the folder that had been saved with a null title.