Export Slots

Workbench allows you to export content types and Templates. Can we also export slots so that we dont have to recreate them from scratch?


I haven’t seen anything in Workbench that allows you to export slots. However, you can MSM to create an archive of slots and then use MSM to install the archive. A special note about installing slots with MSM, if the slots are new to the target server, one has to install slots twice. I think there is some explaination of why that is it the webinar about MSM that Percussion created.

We are not able to use MSM, and dont want to create them manually either. Is there any other better solution, or we have to create them maually one by one?


If you are using Version 6.7, you could use the Packaging functionality to package and move the Slots. See http://forum.percussion.com/showthread.php?4837-Percussion-CM-System-Version-6.7-Documentation&p=9834#post9834 for information about building a Package.