Extensions Deployment Recommended Way

For deployment of extensions, in my local env, I have been using installExtensions Ant target from deploy.xml. I read in the documents that this is the recommended way as compared to installing from GUI of Workbench.

Is the above ANT way still the recommended way if the Extensions have to be deployed in a LINUX env on Rhythmyx6.7 server, or it has changed to deploy using Workbench GUI?


The ANT mechanism works fine on both Linux and Windows (that’s one reason why we do this) on all recent versions.

If you’re on 6.7, you can also use the “Packaging Tool” to create a package that contains the extension, its JAR(s) and dependencies.

If the thing you are deploying has a mixture of objects (of various kinds) in it, then the packaging tool may be a better way to go. However, “Configuration” in the packaging tool is not a simple process, and if you are just deploying extensions, there’s no reason to move to the packaging tool.


Is it necessary to restart the server, everytime we deploy extensions using the ANT deploy script for us to see the extensions appear in the workbench?


Yes. If you use the Ant script, you must restart.

If you use the package managers, some extensions require a restart and others do not. In general, I always restart after deploying new extensions and other Java code.