FastForward - Safe to remove?

I’ve taken over ownership of an already existing Rhythmyx installation. We have two systems; development and production. Somewhere along the way - I don’t know whether it was installed from disc, or inadvertently pushed over with MSM - all of the FastForward sample files (content types, templates, communities, workflows, etc) made their way onto the production system.

I would really like to clean up our production system and get rid of things that we aren’t using on the production site. Is it safe to go in and delete the FastForward content types, templates, slots, and so forth from the Production server? Is there anything I definitely shouldn’t delete? Has anyone else tried this, and if so, what was your experience?

It’s safe to remove the sites, folders and content. Many installations (and I cannot speak to whether or not yours fall into this category) use the Fast Forward shared tables, content types and templates as part of their design. Removing them may cause you existing site to stop working. If things are working now, I don’t see any real benefit to doing this.