Feature to publish all pages that use a global asset after editing that asset

If there is not a global asset publish feature available, I would like to suggest one. After making a change to global assets (sidebar nav and main nav in this case) I had to go in and publish each page individually…or approve each page individually and publish them at the same time. If there is a way to publish all pages that use a global asset after editing, I’m all ears. Thanks guys.

I’m using the term “global asset” I guess the correct term is “shared asset”. Please forgive me. Also I just found the thread “Assets by Status Gadget” and I think this would be the answer to my problem. Feel free to merge my suggestion with that one or delete it.

Hey John,

The proposed Assets by Status gadget would allow you to bulk approve shared assets, so when coupled with the Pages by Status gadget, you could much more easily get the desired content into the proper workflow state. However, you would still need to then run a full site publish in order to update the content on your live site.

If that would suit your needs, that’s great – I’ll go ahead and merge the two topics.

If you’re expecting a function where you would be able to automatically trigger a publish of all of the pages using a certain shared asset once it has been updated (an incremental publish, rather than a full publish), then this would be a separate idea and I’ll leave this as it’s own topic.

As muchas I like “Assets by Status Gadget” I did want the ability to publish just the pages using the updated shared asset. So I guess we can leave this thread.

Sounds good! I think this is a very viable feature request.

This would be helpful!

This use case is addressed by Incremental Publishing which was released in 4.1.