Feature to reduce time when adding multiple image assets to a page

When inserting multiple image assets in one page - it would be nice if the browse option would open to the last folder under /Assets instead of having to click through the folder structure each time.

I used the bulk upload gadget to put 60+ images into a specific folder under /Assets/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3

Now as I’m adding the images to the page, each time I click the Insert/ Edit Image Button (top/right-most button in this screenshot)

and then click the browse logo (to the right of the Image URL field)

I’m brought to the generic Select Image dialog, which defaults to the /Assets folder. From there I must double-click through Folder1, Folder2, and Folder3 to get to my images before I can select, save, and insert my image.

I then have to repeat this process for the other 59 images. I feel like this feature would help others in the same implementation phase to quickly get lots of images and text up onto their sites.

I agree that having a feature where it keeps a “memory” of the last spot you were would be helpful and would speed up the process. It’s fairly easy to jump back to the top level using the drop down so having it start at the last place would be great.

Delivered in 3.1