field if set on edit live fields, does it work?

I have a editlive field on my content type and on my template I don’t want to display anything if that field is empty. Normally I would use something like

#field_if_set("<li><h4>$relatedText</h4>" "relatedDocuments" "</li>" )

but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Does the field if set work on editlive fields? or is there something else I need to do?

The notion of an EditLive field being “empty” has a bit of gray area. If no one has ever clicked in the editor, then I believe there will actually be no data in the field. However, as soon as one clicks in there, it is probably going to create an empty div tag, and if one presses return, it’ll insert an empty p tag, etc. If you’re wrapping style around the field (not sure if your code here is just an example) it might be that the field not really be a text field and not an editlive field.

I’ve used the following: