FInd and/or Replace in text/html widgets

Find and or Replace in text/html widgets. I’ve began working on pulling content from existing pages into CM1 and all of my images and hyperlinks need their source attribute changed. This ‘working’ functionality would help greatly. I have tried to use the find/replace function within the rich text widget and it does not find the word ‘images’ in html.


Yes, currently find and replace only functions in the main WYSIWYG view, not the source view mode. For this type of work I typically copy out the source code into an application such as Notepad++ and perform my find a replace functions there, and then copy it back into the RTE. I agree that having this functionality added to the source view would be helpful. Thanks for posting this idea!

Yes that is what I resorted to doing as well, just thought I would post a request for that functionality, as it would make one less step in the process.

I agree. Thanks again for posting!